Window with Bed Frame

Window 4496

This window is with a similar approach to the “Window with Rocking Chair” picture…


4 thoughts on “Window with Bed Frame

  1. You’re pretty good with B&W. You have a great way or processing them to a certain emotion. Is this film or digital?

  2. Thanks – all the images are digital on this site – Canon 300D “Rebel” with the kit lens (18-55). I used DxO Optics Pro (Beta 3.0) to process the raw file – generally getting to B&W by desaturating the image.

  3. Very nice series with windows…i very poetic way of showing something so common…Really good stuff here..

  4. Thanks Daniel. It’s interesting to focus on these windows… one gets so use to just seeing them in the everyday of life that once you really look at them through the camera – something changes – you notice how common they are I guess – and then how the camera presents just a certain “idealized” view…

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