RAW Image Impressions

Going for a Walk

In response to a Flickr thread discussion the “The essence of blurry images”; My opinion is that the blur effect creates an opportunity to really “see” the moment.

I suggest there is a parallel / dialogue here with the Impressionists whom concentrated on the general impression produced by a scene or object and the use of unmixed primary colors and small strokes to simulate actual reflected light – perhaps influenced by the emergence of photography in that era. The quote that follows is from http://www.wliw.org/productions/french.html – 2005.06.05

“Coming on the heels of the advent of black and white photography in the late 1800s, these artists had to compete with images even the realistic masters of the period could not render as accurately. With Impressionism ­ whether in paintings or sculptures ­ they sought to achieve something a camera could not create ­ a subjective view, or an impression. “)

Somehow by the denial of the “sharp details” you are forced to fill them in – in your mind’s eye – to reconstruct the image. Maybe it’s just atmosphere or mood, but somehow I feel more engaged in viewing the image. I have to “imagine more”…

For the motion blurs or long exposures /subject blurs – I like the effect of being reminded of the “myth of the instant”. For me a photo is only a (particular) slice ofcontinuumnum. For me, it heightens my awareness of the (apparent) photographic instant.

(Thinking about the Impressionists) Lately, I’ve been interested in taking digital pinholes of which mine are lensless images that have an inherent “blur” because of the imperfect pinhole (and the electronics I suppose) – I don’t really have any control on the blur. I liken the outcome to more like “RAW impressions” with certain irony intended.


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