Abstract Study (Details) – acrylic on hardboard

Abstract Study (Details) – acrylic on hardboard
Originally uploaded by mniebuhr.

Details of small studies.

Excessive color / under paint dry – topcoat wet heavily varnished caused

cracking I believe.

I like the effect of revealing underneath the thick topcoat – element of

chance in painting.

Need to consider color relationships – what’s on top / underneath…

Control combinations?

<> <>


5 thoughts on “Abstract Study (Details) – acrylic on hardboard

  1. Thanks Jen… I’m trying out different techniques… really just fooling around – I like the accident in this one too.

    I’m working on a bigger painting now – see what happens… it’s like sketching – good stress relief and just because…

  2. Moving does suck… I can’t imagine the adventure that would be right now… two kids and complete house full of “stuff”… not fun to contemplate. I guess that after a while if you don’t touch a few of the boxes you can just throw them out or give them to the good will…. you didn’t need it anyway…. Any new pictures of the house??

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