White Corn Crib

Untitled #1 [White Corn Crib, South elevation, Greene County, Iowa 2005],  by Matt Niebuhr.

This represents one of my more interesting “rural utility” shots… The fog and the depth in the image created by the cornstalks in the foreground seem to work well to give it detail and yet some atmosphere of mystery. Took this on our trip back from visiting the folks in Northwest Iowa… This is a corn crib in Greene County along highway 4 about 3 miles south of highway 175 I believe… I’ve got different versions of this in my flickr stream… It would be interesting to do a series on the change in farm out buildings… especially with the rapidly changing farming methods. These corn cribs are going to be disappearing – replaced by huge metal bins.

One in a series entitled Portraits: Faces and Profiles of Utility


1 thought on “White Corn Crib

  1. I can actually feel the dead, frozen corn stalk stumps crunching under my feet, and feel the thick, dead-still, almost pillow-like foggy air in my lungs. Wonderful.

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