barn [east central Iowa near Marengo]


One in a series entitled Portraits: Faces and Profiles of Utility

A barn profile shot (north elevation) hear Marengo, Iowa. Found this near the edge of town on the way back from Iowa City. I looking for these old barns, I’m noticing a lot of variations depending on the location in Iowa. Where there is more land that is suitable to raising livestock you see more of these types of barns… Where the land is used for crops – more cribs. Stands to reason. One thing that I’m noticing also in these various shots is the scale of the barn seems to vary – Sometimes it seems like the barns are huge.. then you realize the scale of a door or the boards and they seem small. I like the effect of this in the photos. Also, looking for that independent character / even lighting and comfortable solitude.

Shot with my Canon 300D – w/ EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens late afternoon. Developed the RAW file with DxO and made adjustments to colors.


1 thought on “barn [east central Iowa near Marengo]

  1. LOVE the color and the crispness.

    There is an article about architect Byoung Cho in this month’s Dwell magazine that I think you would like…there’s some great shots of Rural Utility….

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