Surface #2

Surface #2 [longitude 93.6881 N and latitude 41.7017 W elev +835′ (variable)]

48 in. x 48 in. acrylic on plywood

9,216 – decisions about being either black or white or some shade of in-between…

Another study in trying to paint – acrylic – actual painting time is approximately 40 hours… spread out beginning 1/22/06 and ending 3/3/06. Another in a series I am putting together to “practice” trying to paint, I figure the only way to learn control and technique is to paint, paint, paint… and there is something about this subject of surface / water / instant /moment and location that is fascinating to me anyway. I’m having fun comparing this to a series of water pictures I took in May 2005, of course the photographs were much easier to accomplish. This is one of a series in which I am trying to get a notion about “surface” and “location” worked out…


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