Section, posted by Matt Niebuhr.

Experimental Sections [CRW_1915_1DxO_raw]

“Echinacea purpura” or Purple Cone Flower, a reverse lens macro with my Canon 300D / Canon EF 50 f/1.8 II and Rikenon P 50 f/2 in available light.

Beginning to look at the interpretive quality of a very, very shallow depth of field created by this technique. I’m excited by the extreme “bokeh” effects and the possibility to compose color, shapes and regions of the image that will be out of the focus plain. I enjoy the dialogue that is set up between the “documentary” nature of the “in focus” portion of the image – in extreme macro detail against the fluid / shapely sort of “essence” portion of the image. This sort of work begins to get near to the point ” …to capture a confluence of the threshold at which ordinary visibility ends and perception begins” which is what I’m ultimately after in my work. We’ll see what comes of this I suppose…


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