Busing a table [Baker’s Square]

Another in the series: on Ingersoll . Saturday afternoon busing tables at Baker’s Square. There is a very eclectic array of establishments along Ingersoll – eclectic in style – some “franchise” businesses along with “mom and pops”. Food, Drink, Money, Housing, Health-care…..

There are Drugstores, Liquor Stores, Grocery Stores, Flower Shop, Bagel shop, Eyeglasses, Investment Services, Lawyers, Camera Shops, Housing, Apartments, Steak house. Clothing stores, Specialty home furnishings, Lamps / Lighting… Medical Clinics, General Store, Gas Station, Car Wash, Printing Shop, Specialty Medical shops, Chocolate Shop, Candy Shop and of course a couple of Coffee shops…..

Eclectic indeed – is the character….


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