Untitled [Crib, East elevation, Cherokee County, Iowa]

Untitled [Crib, East elevation, Cherokee County, Iowa], 2006,  Matt Niebuhr

One in a series entitled Portraits: Faces and Profiles of Utility

Another crib found about 4 or 5 miles north of highway #3 and one mile west of the black top north out of Aurelia…. How’s that for Geo coordinates huh? I need one of those location devices so that I can get coordinates for these structures when I shoot them… I need to get these all located and mapped so I can re-visit them easily through out the year…

This image has the right balance for me anyway between the subject and the sky / ground cover. It’s open ground in this part of the country after all…

A special thanks to FILE magazine for presenting a selection seen here from Portraits: Faces and Profiles of Utility.

Additional work here: www.mattniebuhr.com


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