Shifting Context –

For starters they suggest a simple question, whether luxury and richness are apt qualities for pictures of Depression-era tenant farmers in the American South. These are, I must say, almost uncomfortably beautiful. In “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men,” where Evans first published many of these photographs in 1941, James Agee, his collaborator, wrote that the book might best have been issued on newsprint to suit the simple and honest character of its subjects. Photography compromises its own value, Agee thought, when it becomes pretentious.

above re-posted from
Art Review
Walker Evans. Or Is It?
Published: August 25, 2006

Mr Kimmelman has something essential ideas sketched out in the article above. It’s about reproduction – whether or not it is possible that it dilutes the “original” in photography….. how the production and the hand of the photographer may shape or influence the reception of the work… AND it’s about the context in which a work is presented / is seen / and how produced… and the effects of that on the experience the viewer has with the work….. technology continues to fascinate…

Worth reading and considering IMO….


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