Composite / Averages

, posted by Matt Niebuhr.

I’ve noticed a couple of recent discussions on other blogs and posts about accomplished photographers that consider the element of time multiples and overlaying images in their work. All for different purposes and to different results… So anyway, without getting into details on the who and the why (if you take the authors word – or a critics word for it that is) I’ve been thinking about how I might explore the application of the technique and where it could lead and how that may apply to the notion of “originality”.

So here is an early attempt of my own from some images I’m culling through on for a completely different purpose – what’s interesting is that the overlay technique can really start to allude to another story – it blurs / blends and might just enrich an otherwise serial type visual experience… So – where does “originality” come into play? It’s not in the technique for sure, for me it’s about the decisions all along the way on subject matter and blended results… We’ll see if it goes anywhere.


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