Sustained effort with focus…a working recipe

American Homes built in Star City by NASA for visiting astronauts.
by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin

See something of what it is about : a book “Ghetto” a series, by Trolley Books….

Upcoming exhibition –
Facts, Fictions and Stories at Stedelijk

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin – two photographers with sustaining visions. Another apparent example of the “truth is stranger than fiction” genera of socially aware documentary photography – It becomes evident quite quickly that these photographer have a reason.

They chose 12 rare communities, from a prison in South Africa to a retirement home in California and a gypsy ghetto in Macedonia. They spent a month in each place, methodically photographing and asking the same questions: “Who is in power here? Where do you go to be alone, to make love, to be with friends? What are your hopes and dreams?” – Trolley Books…. more….

More about “Ghetto” here….



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