How you see things…

For me there has been a kind of explosion of things to see and read about and some of it in the blog world about photography. That is to say that there is a lot of blog work – by artists, writers/critics and dedicated bloggers about photography. This is a good thing. But, with all the possible avenues of interest represented it is hard to keep up with my own efforts on posting – but that is also a good thing – I would after all, rather be learning about other bodies of work in the “smokey loft” atmosphere. Except, with all that the web is, one can not mistake this experience with the real encounter with work – out on the street, up on the walls and between the linen covers of a good book…. The web does make for fertile ground to find the unexpected – I like the connections – whether real or imagined – the discovery of new bodies of work by artists is extraordinary. It’s up to you the reader to decide what is of value to you and why. Then spend your energy going out to see the work in analogue – it’s so much better !

This interview post on Conscientious , another Conversation with Alec Soth… about blogs is a good start describing a reason of why one might spend time doing this – for me, first off, it’s about becoming more aware of photography in a general sense – a way of seeing variety – secondly, it helps me in my own work – to try and feel out the modi operandorum and directions I am pursuing in a personal body of work. Artists are constantly comparing and considering others work in relation to their own. Thirdly, it is an opportunity to share other’s work – that I find interesting. Lastly, over time, this journal of sorts becomes a repository, for the slow and gradual accumulation over time (regardless of the “of whom / by whom” phenomenon) that to me generates an interest in examining the threshold at which ordinary visibility ends and perception begins. Now, after almost two years of “blogging” I’m finding that the description line of my own blog is very much the thing that holds steadfast interest to me.


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