Portraits: Industrial Farming

Industrial Farm: 20061125#1-1
Matt Niebuhr

One of a series I am working on of various types of industrialized farming buildings.

I hold the view that industrial farming is not a sustainable endeavor for many reasons. Not least of which is the enormous strain that is put on the environment because of the extremely high concentrations of livestock in confined conditions. Another obvious issue is the vast scale of production that severs the connection with sustaining a local community in order to feed the “world”. In the modern world of processed foods, the location of production and the location of consumption are rarely known to each other.


Industrial Farm: 20060126#1

Matt Niebuhr


This is not a “new” problem, but it is one that has a potential solution in recognizing and looking at more sustainable farming practices which includes certified organic farms. We, (the invisible hand) have the ability to pick and choose among the types of food products we purchase to encourage the growth of more sustainable production of food. Consider locally grown produce when possible is a place to start.


Industrial Farm: 20061125#1-3

Matt Niebuhr


The Industrialized farmstead – a product of economics – is creating the potential for increasingly devastating disaster’s as the issue of scale and product are increased. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” as the saying goes.

See more of my work here: www.mattniebuhr.com


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