DSM to PDX – via the road….

UPDATE: Made it… and now I’m back already….

Blue Mountains – Oregon
Matt Niebuhr

I am happy to say the drive required no diapers (I really wasn’t that pressed for time… I planned ahead after all… ) some 1770 odd miles later… I have a few new souvenir scratches on the car – and an appreciation for the vast open west.

Hybrid #1
Matt Niebuhr

Hybrid #2
Matt Niebuhr

I’ll be leaving for one of two road trips to Portland from Des Moines very very soon… I’m anxious to get the road miles covered safely and to dodge snow storms… but also, to see something along the way worth photographing.

The blog will be quiet for a while during my travels but I hold out the hope that inspiration will show itself along the way. I’m optimistic.

More of my work here: www.mattniebuhr.com


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