Lens of time and color… William Eggelston

William Eggleston – 1971

I just like the picturing of such things…. classic Eggeston color, context, familiar and yet… Imagine seeing these in the historical context of the “black and white” era…

Vernacular Icons: William Eggleston – on view at Memphis Brooks Museum of Art through March 25, 2007.

“Curated by Curator of Education Karleen Gardner:

William Eggleston captures the real world by choosing to photograph seemingly unimportant places and people. His democratic way of seeing was influenced more by his personal vision than by previous artistic styles. Color, he believes, is a fundamental feature of perception, as well as a vital aspect of documenting daily life.”

Now through the lens of time some nearly 40 years later… Do you suppose this is a photographic nod to the past ??? (Angela Strassheim – Left Behind) Thinking about that Ongoing Moment….!


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