Documenting a Perception

Bert Teunissen
“Pino del Oro #3, 25/2/2005 11:57”

Saskia Asser, a curator at the Huis Marseille Museum for Photography in Amsterdam, wrote in an essay for the exhibition. “Age-old trades and crafts are disappearing as farming and agriculture are industrialized. Moreover, strict European Union regulations passed down from Brussels make life for the small farmer or food producer untenable.”

Story – NYT – Photographing the Light in Places That May Soon Be Lost

More – Bert Teunissen

The second thing I noticed of this – thinking of the perception point of view – is that the photographs are very much aware of themselves and the quality of light the image portrays – are we to think this is how it is?

It is nostalgic and beautiful. It makes me wonder about the people portrayed – do you think they might hold the same view or do they feel left behind ? Who knows…


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