Sol LeWitt – “Make an unstraight line…”

Just learned of the passing of Sol LeWitt: perhaps, not unlike his view on conceptual art:

“He also liked the inherent impermanence of Conceptual art, maybe because it dovetailed with his lack of pretense: having started to make wall drawings for exhibitions in the 1960s, he embraced the fact that these could be painted over after the shows. (Walls, unlike canvases or pieces of paper, kept the drawings two-dimensional, he also thought.) He wasn’t making precious one-of-a-kind objects for posterity, he said. Objects are perishable. But ideas need not be. ”

from NYT -story 9 April 2007 – Kimmelman.

LeWitt – has managed to extend what matters beyond his physical presence…

And this from Portland Art + News….

a bit from local artist J. Hayward whose life was changed while working on a
LeWitt project:

“Many young artists were changed. This drawing was to be made of “unstraight” lines. As a highschooler, I felt I needed a little more direction and asked the artist to clarify what kind of “unstraight” line he had in mind. Was he thinking wildly frenetic or just plane wobbly? ”

The perfect characteristics of a narrator – to let the story be it’s own narration and to find out what the story will say…


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