Untitled [Slow Civil War]

This is a companion to a photograph from an earlier trip to a different sort of forest…

Hybrid #2 was the first image to trigger a notion about the relationships of nature, natural, man-made natural, and so on. Over time this is becoming a springboard to another project idea.

Some vague outline of thoughts …

Polarizing – Political views – “Axis of Evil” you’re either with us or against us – We are experiencing a man-made global warming – civil war. What is your carbon footprint?

I heard something vaguely this AM on NPR about “colonizing the Moon” – that it is actually – if only barely technologically achievable – a pursuit of NASA… maybe I was still asleep when I heard that….

How will we define our relationship with nature? How do we live with or how do we live without nature?

I’m beginning to look for moments in the battle of nature -the ultimate war – for survival. How does this interaction / competition to reach towards the sun, to breath in the air and to absorb the moisture – before the competition can – shape the environment. I’ve never considered the competitive nature of nature. Life and Death relationships – so I am looking forward to trying to make a collection of based upon trying to find ways of picturing this ongoing natural war.

I think this is also a project with the potential to shape a personal idea about how we humans approach our relationship to nature and how we look at nature as a resource or in a more sustainable symbiotic approach…

We have for too long believed in the right of “ownership of the land” .


There is no such thing.

silent scream
managed growth
negative impact
objective opinion
past prediction
routine emergency
sanitary landfill
timeless moment


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