Density – Natural / Man-made

Oregon – Rachel Sussman

I noticed a couple of very nice photographs from the “Density” portfolio by Rachel Sussman – via Gallery Hopper spotlight with more further in at Humble Arts/Gitana Rosa show upcoming.
which promises a collection of photographs investigating the modern landscape – with a show entitled: “In the Dirt: Young Photographers Rethinking The Human Relationship to the Contemporary Landscape,”

Sussman’s photographs touch something close to my own interest in the human /nature relationship. Her statement:

“My work is an interpretation of the slow push and pull between man and nature
happening quietly around us all the time. Its issues are like that of any other
relationship really: navigating the other, testing and crossing boundaries,
finding a reasonable balance or eventually giving up. I’m drawn to man-made
patterns that use nature as a medium or inspiration,and conversely to natural
patterns returning man made materials to a more natural state. I employ formal
devices such as restricted color palates, flattening/filling the picture plane,
and considered use of line and shape to further the dialog between aesthetics,
content, and form”… – Rachel Sussman.

pasadena, ca – Rachel Sussman

los angeles (brush fire) – Rachel Sussman

I’m glad to hear that she pursues photography in addition to a “day-job” because it gives me hope that it is possible to nurture a passion for photography in addition to other endeavors.


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