Seeing Vines….

Green Broken Vine, Pradip Malde

I came across this persons work via Art Daily….

Green Circling Vine, Pradip Malde

In browsing through the works I could find online… these three struck me as a particularly interesting “look” at nature.. and what might be viewed as sublime… Reminding me in some way the potential richness is about what you might see, the things we bring with us when looking at images… and not always just what is there…. Of course the form of the image, in a Polaroid format likely helps that perception along… I wonder if such an image would be as emotive for me in a “straight” appearing photograph?

Green Spreading Vine, Pradip Malde

Pradip Malde is currently a Professor of Fine Arts at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN.


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