Transference – Frank Horvat

Frank Horvat

Frank Horvat

1976 was the year when I emerged from a long period of self-doubt, which had led me to question my very involvement in photography, both as a photo-journalist and as a fashion photographer. I spent part of that summer in my small property in Provence, pruning trees and putting on paper the few memories of my childhood that I could recollect. At some point, I realized that most of my memories were somehow connected with branches and leaves, and this gave me the idea of a photographic essay about trees. This work wouldn’t be intended for articles in magazines, but for something as personal as a book or an exhibition: for once I would be an author. – Frank Horvat

Frank Horvat

Frank Horvat

I find it interesting how quite easily we seem to be able to transfer an emotional self – to project a symbolic state of being upon nature. Why is that?


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