Sub-Urban Nature – Brad Moore

Trini Circle, Westminster, California (2006)

Brad Moore
405 & Magnola, Fountain Valley, California (2006)
Brad Moore
Artist statement:
…I grew up in central Orange County. After 25 years I
returned, and was fascinated by the simultaneous decline and growth. I stayed
away from traditional, documentary-style photography; instead I have
photographed only select buildings and the nearby shrubbery in primarily static,
symmetrical compositions. Together, the buildings and foliage convey change,
irony and evolution of place.
– Brad Moore

Judith Circle, Westminster, California (2006)
Brad Moore

A selection of rather nice suburban nature and buildings to be found on Brad Moore’s web site…
Upcoming show at “Point of View Gallery” – NY… recognition and picture in the current Newspace Center for Photography here in Portland in the third annual national – juried competition show.. “Among Us”.

I find the structure and manicured reality – to be about being “on display…works well with the typical structure and projected image that most suburbs endeavor to put on display. The well organized and seemingly cared for landscapes are like the picture perfect worlds one imagines the suburbs may offer… What would be nice would be to spot the discrepancy between what is intended to be portrayed – i.e. “the perfect family album” and aspects of the less than perfect world we all eventually come to terms with… The cracks in reality we try to project are what might be even more interesting and lasting.

More about Moore here….


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