A Sputnik Inheritance…The 50th anniversary

“Men announced a new age”…

The inner turmoil that Hagen felt on “Sputnik Night,” as 4-5 October has come to be called, reverberated through the American public in the days that followed. Two generations after the event, words do not easily convey the American reaction to the Soviet satellite. The only appropriate characterization that begins to capture the mood on 5 October involves the use of the word hysteria. A collective mental turmoil and soul-searching followed, as American society thrashed around for the answers to Hagen’s questions. Almost immediately, two phrases entered the American lexicon to define time, “pre-Sputnik” and “post-Sputnik.” The other phrase that soon replaced earlier definitions of time was “Space Age.” With the launch of Sputnik 1, the Space Age had been born and the world would be different ever after.

“A harmless little sphere” that changed a world’s view of itself…

“Picture positive proof” You could see it if you knew where to look…

And so it goes. I wonder if we’ll have a 100 anniversary? Will we figure out how to change our ways of “using” resources – to live more within our means? Or will our footprint be so large that we stamp ourselves out to oblivion…

Change begins by asking yourself… what am I doing?


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