Raising Consciousness – Reality and Representation

…” people now are really forced to think about what they see in a photograph – and what to make of it. Whereas until recently the viewer easily got away with not really questioning what he or she saw in the image, or what the intention of a photographer might have been, now one is forced to scrutinize every image on a much deeper level. The consciousness of the relation of reality and representation is becoming much more apparent.”
from “A Conversation with Kai-Olaf Hesse” -on Conscientious – Jörg Colberg

The little snippet above is to me what might be most interesting about current fine art photography work. For me, it’s not about gimmicks, manipulation, big or small – it’s more about how those things which I would call “technique” or “presentation” along with the content of the image and whether or not it may elicit more scrutiny. Yet at the same time I wonder… hasn’t that always been the “big idea”?


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