“The Maze”


The Maze - Donovan Wylie - More photographs: Magnum

Some amazing photographs by Donovan Wylie, Magnum photographer of NORTHERN IRELAND.

The Maze Prison. 2003.

“The Maze” records and preserves a unique physical structure that has played an important role in our recent history. (source)

In Granata 102 – there are additional pictures by Donovan Wylie, of the dismantling of this prison which are quite amazing. The symbolic meaning behind the tearing down of such a place – a powerful statement.

I wonder what visual records might be able to be made to exist in the public domain to remember the more recent political prisons of our time – right now – with an eye such as Donovan Wylie brings to something like “the Maze”.   Imagine the cultural value of the pictures of Abu Ghraib or of Guantanamo Bay for example – surely there would be value to attempt to record in a more systematic way – but perhaps the time is too soon, the story still unfolding – all too political. Perhaps it is naive to ask, but are we brave enough – secure enough in our beliefs – to withstand such scrutiny?


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