Darwin, without the car…

Robert Adams_Frame for a Tract House

“Frame for a Tract House, Colorado Springs, Colorado”
1969 – © Robert Adams

“Something had to change,” he added. “You just can’t keep going with that many cars.” – source

Same might be said for houses (sprawl)…

Instead of feeling deprived of having a new car every other year (the marketing of personal identity wrapped up in the car one owns – needs a new twist – like the obnoxious “I own the road” Tahoe driver… we all hate them really don’t we?) –    one might feel freedom…  The car as a form of personal transportation is both a blessing and a curse – – obviously, now we must find alternatives that have less impact…

I wonder what (or if) Robert Adams would have found “The New West” – without the car.  Would Robert Frank have been able to make  “the Americans” ?


1 thought on “Darwin, without the car…

  1. I am currently living in the area where Adams made “The New West”. The photos in that book cover a lot of territory, territory I now am exploring with my own camera. Would be pretty tough to do without a car.

    Still, who are these people who buy a new car every other year? My dad taught me to pay cash, maintain it right and you’ll see it last 8 or 10 years.

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