first day of 2013…


Matt Niebuhr


First day of the new year and already I succumb to the impulse to try and preserve what to me is a perfect example of beauty – this amaryllis. It just seems to be exploding with joy this new day on our window sill. It’s a cliche of / about beauty for sure – who can argue against the inherent beauty of a flower in full bloom,  but then too, why let that stop the impulse?

Agnes Martin remarks in her writings: When a beautiful rose dies, beauty does not die because it is not really in the rose. Beauty is an awareness in the mind.  (Beauty is the Mystery of Life – Agnes Martin)

I think the impulse today was to see if I can make a photograph that can remind me of what I experienced today – that I paused enough to notice…

But, photography is a quick sketch — very different process than drawing – considering light, lens, subject, color and having a sense of what the machine can do – all of this is very much of and about the “world out there” that you and I both have the opportunity to see and touch – though I know that we all see it in a bit different way… there is enough in common that we can relate.

That’s one aspect of what I think is so great about photography.

Happy New Year !


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