Visit: But does it float?

Tara Donovan_Untitled, 2001  Nickel-Plated Steel Pins Held Together by Friction & Gravity Only 35"(H) x 35"(W) x 35"(D) Ace Gallery Beverly Hills, 2004

Untitled, 2001, Tara Donovan (I’m a big fan)
Nickel-Plated Steel Pins Held Together by Friction & Gravity Only
35″(H) x 35″(W) x 35″(D)
Ace Gallery Beverly Hills, 2004

Go to But does if float? and explore –  be sure to browse using the “filters” categories off on the right hand column… see what you find !   For example some of Tara Donovan’s work…

I added this link to my list a while ago and intended to write something up – a while ago, but selfishly I have been browsing through purely for my own enjoyment, lots and lots to explore and to me a great example of what can be found by exploring the collections of other’s hard work and effort. This is a great example of an emerging sense of curator in a web connected world…

basalt, shard #5, side A. by Matt Niebuhr, 2010

basalt, shard #5, side A. – Matt Niebuhr

(Full disclosure alert!!)  Now I have another reason to get you to visit – But does if float? –  I am really very excited (and flattered) to have some  of my own photography work highlighted on the site as well!

Seriously though – visit But does if float? – you will find a mix of new and established work that just may get your own creative energies rejuvenated.


John Gerrard – Sculpture / Photography in Video

Sow Farm, animation still by John Gerrard

Animation still from “Sow Farm” by John Gerrard

More on Gerrard’s website

Currently showing at the Thomas Dane Gallery

Combination of cinematography, sculpture and a quite nice example of creating a sense of mood with lighting and motion to reveal the subject.  Highly recommend visiting this link to a sample vid for a sense of the work – albeit a “web” experience – which not having seen it in person myself I wonder if it has more presence.  Wonderful application of the “inherent” qualities of many computer generated realities – that of being a “bit too clean” and eerily sterile which fits perfectly with the subject matter in my opinion and to great effect.

John Gerrard_ Sow Farm (near Libbey OK)

John Gerrard_ Sow Farm (near Libbey OK) – (animation)

This is the opposite in a sense of the escapism embodied in many popular animations (thinking of that place called Pandora that has the vital element unobtanium – so needed on this ruined earth)  unfortunately this is a reality modeled in  a 3-D world we don’t have to go far experience in real life.  Yet another example of the artist and the “mental model”…

Jurgen Bergbauer – Houses and other objects…


untitled (Häuser no. 5) – Jurgen Bergbauer
60 cm x 155 cm (24” x 60”) lambdaprint on aluminium / diasec face matt , 2003

42 Studien (Print Detail) – Jurgen Bergbauer
Installation virtual 2008


Natur IV – Jurgen Bergbauer
180 cm x 240cm (71” x 95”) lambdaprint on aluminium / diasec face matt, 2008


Natur – Jurgen Bergbauer
Installation virtual 2008 –

Quite nice work by Jurgen Bergbauer (artist website here)found via post by 5B4 Photography and Books (written up nicely as well….) – here’s some more hinting at the “construction” of the book by Jurgen Bergbauer.

There is a tight consistency and pattern of study or inquiry that appeals to my aesthetic sense and architectural interest which draws me to these wonderfully rich photographic images of Bergbauer’s.  The exploration of natural forms and resulting patterns or “structure” resonates for me in the direction of a “quell the clutter” approach…  Jurgen Bergbauer is an artist that I am to watch for upcoming work for sure….