Composite / Averages

, posted by Matt Niebuhr.

I’ve noticed a couple of recent discussions on other blogs and posts about accomplished photographers that consider the element of time multiples and overlaying images in their work. All for different purposes and to different results… So anyway, without getting into details on the who and the why (if you take the authors word – or a critics word for it that is) I’ve been thinking about how I might explore the application of the technique and where it could lead and how that may apply to the notion of “originality”.

So here is an early attempt of my own from some images I’m culling through on for a completely different purpose – what’s interesting is that the overlay technique can really start to allude to another story – it blurs / blends and might just enrich an otherwise serial type visual experience… So – where does “originality” come into play? It’s not in the technique for sure, for me it’s about the decisions all along the way on subject matter and blended results… We’ll see if it goes anywhere.

Along the highway – dreams recalled

, posted by Matt Niebuhr.

A mid-spring picture – digital pinhole – farmstead along 141…. The effect of a digital pinhole can be quite nice… depending on the look and feel – the atmosphere you’re going for. I like this one for the happy accident that it is.

As more time passes away from the familiar surroundings of the midwest,  this photo with its softness, color and light, have become surrogate memories – foggy but with the likeness of dreams recalled…

More of my work here:

Becoming II

, posted by Matt Niebuhr.

A series I’m developing from the compost heap. An idea for an open collection is begining to form… a photography topic of interest to me…
Becoming: Transformations, Earth to Earth

Moss [Wet]

Untitled [Moss wet with dew]

I found this little clump of moss – all by itself in a vast plane of grass. How did it get there? It looked so happy and fresh I just had to make a picture of it…. I doubt it’ll be there much longer. Lush, green – fresh spring rain – a moment.

S. #3

S. #3, posted by Matt Niebuhr.

Surface #3
35.5 in x 31.5 in
acrylic on hardboard

Another study of surface representation. Under-painting is a back lit hanging curtain. Over-painting is of relatively calm water surface reflections. The combination is a representation of a surface that is somewhat reflective, somewhat transparent, somewhat obscuring, somewhat revealing. A combination of visual references – meant to be almost recognized but not entirely. Looking for the between. Between representation and non-representation. Between reflection and transmittance. Between the instant (present) and past (recording).

Who knows… maybe. It was fun to paint.


Section, posted by Matt Niebuhr.

Experimental Sections [CRW_1915_1DxO_raw]

“Echinacea purpura” or Purple Cone Flower, a reverse lens macro with my Canon 300D / Canon EF 50 f/1.8 II and Rikenon P 50 f/2 in available light.

Beginning to look at the interpretive quality of a very, very shallow depth of field created by this technique. I’m excited by the extreme “bokeh” effects and the possibility to compose color, shapes and regions of the image that will be out of the focus plain. I enjoy the dialogue that is set up between the “documentary” nature of the “in focus” portion of the image – in extreme macro detail against the fluid / shapely sort of “essence” portion of the image. This sort of work begins to get near to the point ” …to capture a confluence of the threshold at which ordinary visibility ends and perception begins” which is what I’m ultimately after in my work. We’ll see what comes of this I suppose…

Surface #2

Surface #2 [longitude 93.6881 N and latitude 41.7017 W elev +835′ (variable)]

48 in. x 48 in. acrylic on plywood

9,216 – decisions about being either black or white or some shade of in-between…

Another study in trying to paint – acrylic – actual painting time is approximately 40 hours… spread out beginning 1/22/06 and ending 3/3/06. Another in a series I am putting together to “practice” trying to paint, I figure the only way to learn control and technique is to paint, paint, paint… and there is something about this subject of surface / water / instant /moment and location that is fascinating to me anyway. I’m having fun comparing this to a series of water pictures I took in May 2005, of course the photographs were much easier to accomplish. This is one of a series in which I am trying to get a notion about “surface” and “location” worked out…