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“… to fill the house with a whisper.”


BP – plan “C”

untitled, (pipe, #1) 2010_03_04 charcoal on paper 30" x 43 1/2" by Matt Niebuhr

untitled, (pipe, #1)
charcoal on paper
30″ x 43 1/2″
Matt Niebuhr

The oil spill continues this Memorial Day, 2010.  The plan of stopping the flow or “top-kill” of the out of control oil well in the Gulf has failed…

On to plan “C”.

Here’s to the hope that the cap / sleeve and new pipe to does the trick. (The drawing I made above,  made before any of this happened, takes on new meaning for me given the context of current events.)

There must be a public demand to ensure that we learn as much as we can from this event – and put that into service on existing and new wells…

Notes on bubble chamber inspiration

untitled, (desktop) by Matt Niebuhr - copyright 2010 - all rights reserved

untitled  (photographs from a desktop series)
Matt Niebuhr

The topside of my drawing / drafting table is way more like the bubble chamber…  more so than I’ve been able to intentionally make so far in another visual form on paper  (even though I have really, really tried to do so)…

I just love those bubble chamber diagrams / photographs…. on so many levels.  So, I’m accepting and embracing the imprint left behind  (pictured above)  as the meaningful record of those attempts. Perhaps my actions are not all together hopeless… These photos will serve as documents to the history of other actions.

Finding good source imagery (by this I mean images that trigger an action)  is a lot like panning for gold.  In the  blog-o-sphere… if you’re lucky, you might find the occasional nugget.  I became aware of the bubble chamber via and I’m so glad for that…

Imagine growing up in a world where the internet (for all the good and the bad it encompasses) has always existed !