Manufactured Landscapes – Little Choices

There’s a number of ways that one can pursue to help raise consciousness of our relationship (humankind) with our environment. It can quite simply be on a personal level, thinking about the choices we make as enter into the peak of our consumer cycle…(Holiday Season). And so what better way to infuse your enthusiasm for making better choices in expressing your admiration for those special to you than to go see Manufactured Landscapes…

Showing today and tomorrow only… November 17, 18 – 2007 1:15 PM Hollywood Theater.

Hollywood Theater - Portland, Oregon

So, I’m going to walk down there – and I’m going to drag my boy there with me…maybe my wife and daughter too… Maybe I can trick them with “let’s go to the movies”… Oh, my boy will be expecting something entirely different I’m sure… He’s about to turn 7 years old soon… so something a little more “action figure” packed for sure would be an easy sell… but maybe, just maybe I can get us to think a little harder about the simple choices we can make and the potentially vast impacts those little choices add up to.

Here’s to trying… I know I’m excited to see Edward Burtynsky’s work put out to a larger audience – in a different context. “By not saying what they should see… perhaps it will allow them to see their world a little differently….” E.B. – So this will be a little family experiment.

Go see a view on “Manufactured Landscapes”… and form your own opinion. Is this what we want?