UPDATE: Cover: Art Building U of Iowa

UPDATE: Steven Holl – interviewed by Charlie Rose. I was very happy and excited to see a bit of the University of Iowa’s new Art Building be a part of the noted work discussed in the interview by Charlie Rose. I have to say that having been a part of the team for the Art Building and from the architect-of-record point of view, this was one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences I’ve had. I think it is important to note how many times Mr. Holl refers to “we” or “us” when describing the process. It begins with a strong idea that a group can work upon and with.

The “we” expands and contracts of course throughout process but ultimately boils down to recognizing the power of a strong client / architect / builder – with these three willful partners in this process a lot of great work and ideas can be accomplished.

Well, it’s fun to see your work, whether it’s a photograph, or a project, or both/and – published.

Art Building – School of Art and Art History, University of Iowa
Steven Holl Architects – Design Architect (Project link)
HLKB Architecture – Architect of Record

More photo’s of the project here

A review by Blair KaminChicago Tribute architecture critic here in ArchRecord (full article in January 2007 ArchRecord magazine).

Best experienced as is all good architecture… in person…

Intersecting Images: Fragments [as seen through the lens]


Portraits: Faces and Profiles of Utility – Photographs from Iowa

Well, in the vein of shameless self promotion, this is an image from a group of photos that I have been working on that to me pose a question about the photographic cliche. Just where does that line fall? I don’t know sometimes – it depends.

Since I’m away from these places now for sometime, the images have become more important to me – perhaps a kind of sentimental transference – who knows.

Village View Farm 1904 [West Central Iowa 2006] by Matt Niebuhr

Village View Farm 1904 [West Central Iowa 2006] by Matt Niebuhr

Untitled [Barn, North elevation, East central Iowa] by Matt Niebuhr

Untitled [Barn, North elevation, East central Iowa] by Matt Niebuhr

As more time passes, I think these two tap into my own mental “memory image” of what I picture a barn or crib might look like – iconic might be better word to describe them in my opinion. More like an iconic memory.  More here at www.mattniebuhr.com

Crib [near Rockwell City, Iowa]

A special thanks to FILE magazine for presenting a selection seen here from Portraits: Faces and Profiles of Utility.

More of this may be seen here:  www.mattniebuhr.com