Where you allow your attention to go…

This seems relevant and worthy of my time – from an article titled In defense of distraction, by Sam Anderson in NYT Mag – quote attributed to Merlin Mann….. Seems perhaps related to this blog post which in turn refers to a post by Meg Pickard on a little fun nugget describing the “irrelevance hump” on a perhaps not so fictitious(?) graph suggesting a trending analysis of topics of interest on twitter – hunch worthy or not – is totally up to you…. the quote below I think is insightful…. consider this in your work / life ….

– “Where you allow your attention to go ultimately says more about you as a human being than anything that you put in your mission statement,” he continues. “It’s an indisputable receipt for your existence. And if you allow that to be squandered by other people who are as bored as you are, it’s gonna say a lot about who you are as a person.” – source