Fragments as seen through the lens

I’m beginning to see different aspects of the Art Building – over time now that it is completed and I am able to pause and really look at it….

This image captures a moment for me where there is a condensing of experiences – the perception of physical space is folded, fragmented – partially transparent, partially reflected. Fuzzy edges – as has been coined by Steven Holl… might be exemplified by this photographic moment.

Such is the fragmented experience throughout the building. I do not perceive a final “center” focus… one space is always shifting, leading to the next space, revealing different gazing opportunities – always something around the corner. The experience of being in the building is orchestrated – suggesting a dialogue of program with the site, lagoon, bluff and of self. One can’t help but notice a constant reference – that of looking back at the building from various locations. There is a certain healthy self consciousness that develops I think.

More to come on this later…

Intersecting Images: UPDATE: Cover: Art Building U of Iowa

Fresh Surface / Pattern +28

Fresh Surface / Pattern +28

ASTM A588 Grade A / A606-01 Type-4 with a minimum Atmospheric Corrosion
Index of 6.0

+ 28 refers to the number of days the skin has been exposed to the elements resulting in the initial weathering process (the initial oxidation is not the final “scale” that develops which is a much deeper red/brown/purple hue and is actually the protective scale.  At +0 days – the metal is bare and unoxidized.  The wonderful thing about weathering steel is that it develops a patina that is totally dependent upon the environmental conditions present… which means the building starts to reveal the prevailing patterns of weather, ie. which way the wind blows the rain most generally… etc…