Reading – Gerhard Richter – The Daily Practice of Painting

This passage struck me today from Richter’s Daily Practice of Painting, from Notes, 1981, page 99: ” Painting is the making of an analogy for something nonvisual and incomprehensible: giving it form and bringing it within reach. And that is why good paintings are incomprehensible. Creating the incomprehensible has absolutely nothing to do with turning out any old bunkum, because bunkum is always comprehensible. ‘Not comprehensible’ partly means ‘not transitory’: i.e., essential. And it partly means an analogy for something that, by definition, transcends our understanding, but which our understanding allows us to postulate.”

And later ” Art is the highest form of hope. “

The passage above applies to so many things… insert “living” or “architecture” or “photography” in place of Painting(s)….


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