Ways of Seeing… Stationary images or a flow of informational bits…

Earlier, I posted about Bill Viola’s work – primarily thinking about the important effect of creating a “context” with in which to experience “art”…  Thinking further along the lines of the influences of the web and the potential collapse of context….   this series on youtube is worth watching…

From "ways-of-seeing"


From "ways-of-seeing"

The clips are worth seeing for yourself in your own context…

Don’t miss an interesting passage in the first series – an the example of the stationary image – one that you might make a pilgrimage to see – the image embedded in the walls of architecture…


UPDATE: Cover: Art Building U of Iowa

UPDATE: Steven Holl – interviewed by Charlie Rose. I was very happy and excited to see a bit of the University of Iowa’s new Art Building be a part of the noted work discussed in the interview by Charlie Rose. I have to say that having been a part of the team for the Art Building and from the architect-of-record point of view, this was one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences I’ve had. I think it is important to note how many times Mr. Holl refers to “we” or “us” when describing the process. It begins with a strong idea that a group can work upon and with.

The “we” expands and contracts of course throughout process but ultimately boils down to recognizing the power of a strong client / architect / builder – with these three willful partners in this process a lot of great work and ideas can be accomplished.

Well, it’s fun to see your work, whether it’s a photograph, or a project, or both/and – published.

Art Building – School of Art and Art History, University of Iowa
Steven Holl Architects – Design Architect (Project link)
HLKB Architecture – Architect of Record

More photo’s of the project here

A review by Blair KaminChicago Tribute architecture critic here in ArchRecord (full article in January 2007 ArchRecord magazine).

Best experienced as is all good architecture… in person…

Intersecting Images: Fragments [as seen through the lens]

Building as Camera Obscura

AIA Minnesota Announces 2006 Honor, Divine Detail Awards

Other winners
Other 2006 architecture award winners – Star Tribune December 8, 2006

“Architects Cermak Rhoades designed a life-size camera obscura as a temporary structure for the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Its cedar exterior gives way to an all-white interior, where the gardens can be seen in a new way.”

What better way to visually re-experience (a chance to perceive) a landscape than a room size camera obscura… A place to pause and ponder. Useful or Useless? It’s up to you to make it what you need. However, it does provide for an interesting distinction between looking and seeing…

An 1817 encyclopedia page from the Wilgus Collection

All the rules are there for giving an architectural form…

I think the place deserves better photographs than what I could find…. more about the architects by the architects here…. AIA Minnesota here….. other recognition for Minnesota work here….