Turning Back – Robert Adams

Southwest from the South Jetty at the Mouth of the Columbia River, Oregon – Robert Adams

In looking through and absorbing the images made by Robert Adams in the book “Turning Back” – I can’t help but feel a sense of loss. In my own exploration of this new region – as an “outsider”, I am amazed at the varied landscapes that I have had the chance to glimpse so far out here in the Northwest. The edges of things in the landscape are so dramatic.

“Turning Back” – What a great title to a selection of photos that portray our influences upon this region. The relationships that we form with the landscape are of particular interest to me – how we picture them – what we value – how we inhabit – what we use – natural law – life cycles are so readily visible. So many of the landscapes invite a moment of quiet contemplation and of inevitability. I am tuned in to a feeling of both awe and disgust – of hope and despair about this.

Robert Adams, Sitka Spruce, Cape Blanco State Park, Curry County, Oregon, 1999–2003.

But, the Largest Sitka Spruce in the USA: 6 miles east of Seaside, Oregon; 2 miles east of Hy. 101 – there is a park sign, a road, a nice board walk and a memorial plaque I’m sure just waiting to be seen….

Robert Adams – Clear Cutting – Oregon

As I’m learning about the region – and on a recent trip back from Seaside, I was thinking about the history of the Lewis and Clark explorations – the notion of “Turning Back” must have been a difficult. To be credited with establishing the ability of American commerce to pioneer it’s way to the west edge of the territory – is a heavy credit…


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