Scott Peterman’s – Ice houses

If you’re in Portland, don’t miss these works by Scott Peterman showing currently at Charles A. Hartman – Fine Art.

Scott Peterman – Harmons Beach
c-print- 30 x 38 ½ inches
Scott Peterman – Spider Island II
c-print 28½ x 40 inches

These are some of the most beautiful prints I’ve seen. Meticulous – down to the wonderful no-glare layer of glass (plexi?) and ever so carefully framed – minimal and highly refined thin line frame. It’s like a Swiss watch timepiece. I have to say the presentation of these “vernacular architectures” plays a huge role for me anyway in the reception of the photographs. The contrast of the shack presented in this way elevates them them along with the atmosphere constructed with-in each photo.

My personal favorite (not pictured but you can find it here) – tongue in cheek: a precious construction meets W.R. Grace – “ice and water shield” a black membrane coated ice house… – Perhaps you’ve heard the term “black ice”? You just couldn’t possibly pack anymore wonderful contradictions, opposites, and visual jokes into one image and its presentation.

Terrific stuff – don’t miss a chance to ogle them – right next to the BlueSky gallery – a concentration of up and coming and established arts in the Pearl District – Portland.

By the way… I noticed a similarity here:

Daido Moriyama
Title, Negative date:
Stray Dog, Misawa, Aomori, 1971
Medium, Print date:
Gelatin silver print, 2007
Signed in pencil on verso.

(sorry for your loss) and I, (and I suspect more than just a few others) miss your posts Mr. Soth… Charley was clearly not a Stray Dog with out a family.

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